Updating your family photos


Adelaide Family Photographer

We are all guilty of it, well most of us! We have a ridiculous amount of photographs of our first born - we might even have gone all out and done the maternity shoot, the newborn shoot, recording each and every milestone of them in a little keepsake book...then comes nr 2 and life gets busy, ridiculously busy, and we just don't seem to make time for those things that we got to do with our first...never mind nr 3 or 4.

It is never too late to update your family photos. Kids love to see themselves on photographs with their parents and other siblings, it gives them a sense of beloning and it aids in keeping all those memories and associations alive. They are no good on a USB or CD, they need to be tangible, something they can have access to 24/7. My kids love to look through my iPhone photo album - heaven forbid I should loose those memories because I didn't have them backed up in some other format - Photobooks are perfect for those candid shots and social events you'd like them to remember, but nothing beats a beautiful collection of family photos on a feature wall! ...not to mention a few of them on Nanas display table to brag with to her friends.