Personal Branding and Your Core Values

Adelaide Personal Branding Photographer

Determine your Core Values before building a brand 

In the last couple of years, the concept of Personal Branding has gained momentum as an attempt to help entrepreneurs and professionals promote themselves and their careers by emulating some of Brand Marketing’s best practices. There is a misconception that Personal Branding gives you the bragging rights about what you have done and your achievements, or some kind of exercise in vanity, neither is it a mask of perfection or trying to fool others into thinking that you are something you are not. It is in actual fact much deeper seeded in your value system. It is about intentionally presenting to the world what it is that drives you.To develop your Personal Brand, you first must define yourself. It is important to start with the internal vision and values that drive your life choices, rather than letting the external perception of others determine who you are. 

There are two distinct parts to Personal Branding. On the “personal” side, and perhaps the most important of the two, you need to know yourself and your core values. Once you have established your personal core values, it will bring about your confidence, credibility and help you define your priorities and focus on those aspects of your life that you value the most. If you have never delved into an exercise about your own personal values, here is a link to a useful download page on Career Advisor PWC’s site.

Once you have determined your core values, ask yourself what are you really passionate about. Passion is one of those things that drives us, it is what motivates us to get up in the morning and puts that fire in our belly. “Skills are cheap, Passion is priceless” as Gary Vaynerchuk eloquently put it! If you have passion, motivation comes easily, you don’t have to search for it and you don’t have to force it. 

Branding for the most part relates to “how” you package this professional persona of yours, or call it a self-knowledge strategy. It is the visuals that help you communicate to your audience, it is the trust you create by communicating a consistent message, and it’s the way people relate to you and your core values. The reality is that Personal Branding is an important practice for the modern-day business owner, entrepreneur, creative and professional, in an increasingly connected world, your Brand is essential for establishing your credibility. It is important to understand that everyone has a Personal Brand, whether you want one or not. It is defined by everything you do, from what you wear to how you interact on social media, to how you conduct yourself in face-to-face meetings.

As you explore your Personal Brand strategy, keep in mind that you need to be authentic and honest, as you will ultimately need to live up to it.