Newborn Sessions

Adelaide Newborn Photographer

Capturing your newborn in the first couple of days is what makes these images so magical. They are brand new, breathtakingly beautiful, perfect little sleepy, curled up bundles of love. What parent would not want to remember this forever...

To qualify for the Newborn session your baby/ies need to be within the 14 day mark. The sessions are generally flexible and structured around your little ones' needs. Some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Location: You have the option to travel to the studio or I will come to your home. There are pro's and con's for both, but we can chat about these in our pre-shoot consultation.

  2. Timing: Your session will be scheduled around the first mid-morning feed. You are encouraged to feed your baby just before we get started, I'll be happy to make you a cuppa and chat about your little miracle.

  3. Light: When shooting at your home I will be looking for a nice bright space with lots of natural light, or alternatively I can bring my portable studio along.

  4. Posing: Posing your baby/ies can be very unpredictable and often stressful for a new mum. My newborn sessions are never rushed and if baby is unwell and we are just not getting the shot, I am happy to try again another day.