Let my creative cup always be full

Adelaide Glamour Photographer

When I was in high school my homework book looked more like a 'cut and paste' rendition of a fashion magazine than a book dedicated to notes on homework, projects, assignments, exams, sports events and birthdays...well, the latter two rarely needed reminders, I loved sports days, and birthdays were always planned well in advance (this included a scout of the neighbourhood gardens for best blooms). Yes, I confess - I use to rip pages out of magazines and pick flowers out of other peoples gardens without permission :{ Thanks to technology I no longer rip pages from magazines - I snap them with my iPhone. I still love giving flowers for birthdays, but now prefer to grow my own!

I grew up with fashion magazines all around me, my mum seldom bought them but yet I could find them everywhere. In every waiting room - dentist, doctors, hairdressers, corporate offices, there they were - Read me! At the news stands and check-out display - Read me! Visiting friends and family, they were right there on the coffee tables - READ ME! I don't know a life without them... I never read the stories, but would be mesmerised by the images, and lately was inspired to try my hand at sewing a tulle skirt! It's no secret that I'm a creative at heart, and if I can't create my soul dies a little every day!

This was the tulle skirt I made for the shoot featuring in this blog.

My first attempt at creating an "elaborate" tulle skirt. Now available as part of the studio wardrobe!

During the pre-shoot consultation with Tam I sort of hinted towards the fact that this tulle skirt was a "work in progress" and that I'd love to photograph her in it. "I'm not really a 'pink-girl'" she told me. "Green, gold, white, black those I have plenty of..." but luckily she trusted me enough to get all "frocked up" in pink for, an in-studio shoot and location shoot.

Thank you Tam, for trusting me enough to try the "pink outfit", for letting us record your hair and makeup, for braving the early evening chill, and making your way down the fire track, dress in one hand, 5 year old in the other (my daughter, playing location assistant!)