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Painting v-flats

In the photographic industry, it is quite a common sight to see a stack of polystyrene boards in the corner of the studio. When I first looked into purchasing some boards for my studio, I also investigated the alternatives, one in particular which sat a little better on my conscious. This was an environmentally friendly board, 100% recyclable, but from memory was a little out of my price range seeing that I only wanted 4-6 boards and shipping killed the sale. Now years later I've come full circle, and when looking for big sheets of foam core stumbled upon this same honeycomb board sample I was considering in place of my poly boards.

Long story short, I ordered them for the studio, and am in the process of painting them up to use as v-flats. I had quite a few photographers ask about this product, and how I intend to paint them, so decided to make a quick little video as I went along. You can link to the Video here. Apologies for the lack of makeup, it was either that, or painting my boards while my 5 month old has her nap - sure the other mummies out there will feel my "pain".

You can order this kind of product from various places - and they are called a variety of names. I got mine from Rebul Packaging Pty Ltd. They are based in Melbourne and Brisbane. This is their 10mm honeycomb board 2440 x 1220mm, but you can get them at other thicknesses if you wanted. My suggestion is to paint with a oil based paint (after painting and drying, I found the water based paint warped the one board slightly). I would recommend a Black Chalkboard paint and a White Multi-purpose oil primer. Remember to also get some Mineral Turpentine for cleaning up. I will be photographing using these boards in a couple of days time and post some of the behind the scenes and final images on my website.