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Adelaide Glamour Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Deb Smith (from Deb Smith Photography) and Trudi Skinn (from Blue Wattle Photography) during an online workshop called "28 Days" by Sue Bryce, hosted by CreativeLive . These workshops reach audiences far and wide, if you have internet connection, you can enrol. Sue Bryce has reignited 80's Glamour as a genre for many portrait photographers and studio's around the world. Her inspirational stories, passion and drive for excellence has been truly inspirational and changed the way I do business. The workshop ran for and entire month, with daily challenges to download and plenty of practicing to be done. Soon thereafter the three of us met for lunch and decided to enter into a 'work trade' agreement where we could experiment with various poses we've learnt, trail some professional hair and makeup artists, build confidence directing the shoot and most valuable of all, each person got to experience what our clients physically and emotionally go through when they are in front of our cameras for a transformational Glamour photo shoot.

I was to be the first "model" and was photographed by the lovely Trudi Skinn at her studio. I absolutely loved the experience, what more can I say - I love being in front of the camera almost as much as I love being behind it! The last time I had this much fun being photographed, was at my wedding! Thank you Trudi for taking my portrait and making me look and feel on top of the world! A special thanks to Emma for doing my makeup, and to Deb Smith for taking the "Behind the scenes" images included in the promo video.

Want to see more images and read more about it on her BLOG or link to the promo VIDEO

Nadia Marlow Photographed by: Blue Wattle Photography Makeup by: Emma Flemin-Soubrier

Deb Smith photographed Trudi at her studio and I tagged along as assistant to photograph "Behind the scenes" for her . You can view the promo VIDEO and see some more of Trudi's stunning transformation. It was lovely to see this self-proclaimed "shy introvert" come alive in front of the camera and embrace this opportunity . You can read more about it on Deb's BLOG

Behind the scenes

I photographed Deb at my studio in Flagstaff Hill, Adelaide. I was so impressed with Emma's work when she did my makeup that I asked her to join me for this shoot. Deb and I had a wardrobe consultation prior to her shoot, where we discussed her outfits, the accessories and details around the day.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have met and photographed Deb. Her life story is truly inspirational and it was refreshing to work with someone whom has conquered life's obstacles along the way, takes nothing for granted, live and work with passion and possesses such a beautiful soul. Also, a big THANK YOU for agreeing to be interviewed and sharing your thoughts about this Glamour session with the viewers. I have no doubt this video will resinate with so many woman out there.

A collection of Deb Smiths' images