Big heart, bright eyes

Adelaide Portrait Photographer

In life, some people are given a BIG heart, plenty of patience and a bucket load of compassion, then they are put on earth to be nurturers,

- always "givers" very rarely "takers"

I recently photographed Marion, she is one of those people! Wife and mother of 4, she is studying her Bachelor Degree in Nursing, and works at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in the Cancer ward. She sees countless people come and go, often fighting the battle of their life, and sadly some loose the "war".  She does a tremendous amount for her family, friends, and patients, and can always be seen raising funds and awareness through her interactions with various cancer campaigns. Young at heart, body and mind it was such a pleasure to photograph her! I was once told that when we leave this life, it is not about the riches we leave behind, but about how we enriched other peoples lives that will be our legacy.

"Marion, you have found your purpose and your blessings in life are due to your giving nature!"

BTW... true to form, instead of heading out for a girly lunch, or night out with hubby after being "glammed" up for the photo shoot, she was off to work to brighten up her patients' day, and admits that she LOVES what she does! I can only imagine how many "life-stories" have been told to those bright beautiful eyes ;)

Backlit_MarionGorgeous in Red

MUA: Amanda Grace Nash from Mandy's Makeup