Business Branding: A Business Story - From small beginnings, to industry leaders

Richard and Sue Scott started Boston Bean Coffee Company in 2015 after Richard suffered a back injury. “My back injury gave us the impetus to turn a dream into reality“ admits Richard. It is quite common to find that during time of darkness and despair, the trials and tribulations of life takes us to a place of great reflection and a shift in focus. Time off from his then ICP (Intensive Care Paramedic) Team Leader position meant that he had plenty of time to reevaluate his purpose and seek out those dreams not yet fulfilled, and so he started this new journey with his wife Sue.

They set out to become a specialty coffee roastery, with a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. It didn’t take long for this boat to sail, and for people to take notice, and soon the combination of Richards meticulous attention to roasting profiles and flavour, with Sue’s background in business and finance made them a powerhouse in the industry.

They soon established their speciality roastery in an oversized shed on their property adjacent to the house, where it would seem that Richard spent every waking hour refining his roasting skills. Sue, no doubt the unsung hero, somehow managed to keep a cool head and became a master at multi-tasking. Richard humbly admits that they cannot claim to have gained roasting success on their own, and that they have been very fortunate to have had a number of , what he would call, “ industry leaders” help guide them along the way, and continue to provide them with ongoing mentorship.

This was a space, open to the public that was filled with the smell of freshly roasted coffee, friendly and inviting. They encouraged their visitors to sit down for some roasting and coffee education while sipping on their cuppa before deciding on a single origin or blend of their choice. A completely new take on enjoying your coffee, but one that has taken Port Lincoln by storm.

Here, you can see some of the images we took of their original roastery. The images had a dual purpose when we took them, firstly to serve as a true record of their humble beginnings, and secondly to have images of the roasting process that they could use on their social channels. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about how my coffee beans go from green to brown, and blown away by the “art of roasting”.

We also decided to produce a short promotional video for them during this photoshoot to capture the process from beginning to end - roasting to bagging. Evidence show that in the world of information overload and shorter attention span, video is one of the best ways to keep your viewer engaged for long enough to get your message to them.

This first photoshoot was done just before Christmas 2017, and we felt it would be a great opportunity to include some Christmas-themed images to their gallery, so that they could use for their social media Christmas closure announcements and a Christmas message.

At this point we were already planning a follow up photoshoot at the new commercial premises that they were in the process of building.

Fast forward to 2018, to the follow up photoshoot after Boston Bean Coffee Company moved into their new commercial space on Mortlock Terrace. Our focus for this shoot was to create images of the new space to showcase their modern coffee shop frontage, then entering through glass doors the impressive workings of the master coffee crafter and his roastery situated at the back of the building.

Boston Bean Coffee Company is the only Specialty Coffee roastery and Coffee Bar in South Australia, focusing exclusively on coffee. Offering their customers the opportunity to come in, learn about, and taste their award-winning coffee. This impressive and eye-catching (pun intended) building now houses their roastery and a coffee shop where you can sit down to enjoy your cuppa or grab one for the road before heading out to the National Park. They also offer educational roasting tours, where you can follow the process from green bean to bag.

From small humble beginning to industry leaders, they continue to hit big milestones. They have already won a string of awards, and are so passionate about their coffee that I’m sure they will continue to do so for years to come. We look forward to seeing where the road will take you. Oh and just so you know, they also ship Australia wide. I’m a TOTAL self declared coffee snob and they come highly recommended!