Styled Maternity shoot: The Promise

Adelaide Maternity Photographer

There is a promise that comes with every new life. A promise of hopes and dreams, unconditional love and the joy of looking at their little face in wonder…”what will the future hold for you little one?”

This is one of my the most favourite parts of motherhood… You are over the sickening ‘all day sickness” - morning sickness my ass! You are now obviously pregnant and not just showing signs of over-eating where the “input” doesn’t equate to the “output” haha! You are most likely glowing and enjoying all the extra fuss people are making over you. It is a time for self-care, feet up, relax and loose yourself in days of endless reading or day dreaming.

At around 37 weeks is just about the perfect time to capture some beautifully styled maternity photos of you and your growing belly. You might not think that these will be significant, but believe me, that child will treasure those images of you FOREVER! “This was when my mum was pregnant with me” they will say, looking lovingly at your images. They will be even more significant when your daughter expects her first child. She will have a new appreciation for them and you, as this will signify another milestone in your relationship…The day she becomes a mother herself.

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter - Macie was born 15 October 2018